Zravian Sponsorship Programme

So, you want to own a server?

We'll host it for you! What you get is a fully-functional game, the same as the official ones run, all the future patches and bugfixes (until v2.0), webchat, Gold purchase system, customer support, the works. Everything from the domain name to the speed and Gold multipliers is configurable, and you will be in full control.

But ...

... we can't offer all that for free. Running on state-of-the-art hardware behind a costly Internet connection, and with the many man-hours we invest into improving the game, keeping the infrastructure up and running is a challenge in itself. Adding to that, we take pride in our polished service that has kept us at the top of the charts all these years. When considering prices, please keep in mind that both our costs and the player-base are extensive.

Getting started

Before you begin your journey, we must warn you that upkeeping a server, even a game one, is a lot of work. As the player-base builds up, so does the daily amount of support tickets you will be required to handle. Even before you decide to ask us for one, however, try to make some of these decisions:

If you don't want to make all of these decisions just yet, worry not! We can easily copy them from one of the existing servers, if you happen to like its settings.


With great power comes great responsibility. While we take no part in how you manage your server (unless you want us to, of course), some rules are indeed there for your own good. You are fully responsible for what goes on, and poor decisions may deter players from visiting your server. Examples of such decisions are:

You can take our word for it, we've seen it all.


Speaking of the rules, there are some activities we do not tolerate, such as:

Give me some sugar, baby!

If you're still interested, you can reach us via our webchat. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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